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Found her!

When you know you know… šŸ™‚


On with the show!

Pagliacci… Dying on the inside. 

All that glitters…

…ain’t Gold son! Remember that. Appearances can be deceptive. 


Didn’t think it was possible again but that heart thing is broken… again. Stitches aren’t holding this time. #TroubleAhead


“Where must we go… We who wander this Wasteland in search of our better selves?”

The first history man

Productively Paranoid

Iā€™d rather be a successful mercenary who was willing to break some rules than a failed idealist who was too afraid to take risks. 

Be genuinely curious in each and every moment

Shipwrecked Souls

Here’s to all you kindred spirits that are shipwrecked, lost and lonely. Our Souls will find a way back… Stay strong, hopeful and conserve your energy. 


… Not my year… AGAIN!


Betrayal, Divorce, Death, Breakup 

.. I feel like a shell of who I once used to be, hollowed out by failed ambitions and love. 

Need to stay defiant, strong and power through somehow despite the lack of hope… 

I was somebody once….

            …I will be somebody once again!

Fuck it

…. need I say more?

This ‘duct taped’ life won’t hold for much longer.